I finally got back to working on the car the other day.

First, I rebuilt the injectors, which involved taking them all apart and cleaning them, and then some of the parts had to be resurfaced to a shine so they would fit together cleanly and not leak. Vince Waldon has the detailed process on his blog, and I pretty much followed his instructions. It took a lot longer than I had anticipated. After I got the parts cleaned and resurfaced and then cleaned again with acetone and brake cleaner, I reassembled them with brand new nozzles and installed them in the car.

injector parts

rebuilt injectors

It took a couple of sessions to get it running. This car had sat for three years before I bought it, and a year since then. I was pretty worried that the injection pump might have dried out and would leak all over the place when I tried to use it. I spent one evening getting the injectors in and all the belts and power steering pump and alternator and what not back on and then trying to get it to start up. About the time I finally got all the air out of the system, the battery ran down, so I put it on the charger and came back the next night. I had to fiddle with the timing a little and then it started right up like it had been running just yesterday.

It’s not perfect yet. There are a few little problems and for some reason it has eaten two alternator belts already, but soon I will have that ironed out and can start enjoying the 50 MPG that this car should be able to get.

completed engine

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