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If possible, we want to repair your vehicle by one of our recommended garages – we can pay for the garage directly. Your damage advisor can let you know and inform you of the garages that are in the system. Do you want to cover mechanical and electrical repair bills? Enter your car data. We know that repairs can result in unexpected costs. That`s why we`ve created parts and a garage lid (also known as breakdown repair cover) to help them do that. Call our claims department on 01844 396009. They will advise you who your local licensed workshop is. Once you bring your car to your garage, we will treat them directly. It pays for many spare parts that we use to repair your vehicle on the side of the road, for which we would normally charge you, or it can pay for work done after a breakdown in a garage. An existing error is one you already know, but haven`t corrected yet. We will not cover the repair costs.

If you change vehicles, you can only use it 14 days after the change. You must wait for your vehicle in accordance with your manufacturer`s recommendations, and this must be done by an appropriate garage. The current market value of your vehicle is determined at the beginning of your policy. It is displayed in your policy calendar. If we can repair your vehicle on the side of the road and you need a replacement, you`ll only have to pay the $35 extra to the patrol. In order to keep your car stress-free, we have introduced a new range of warranty products that are available on our car dealerships and offer you security against expensive repair bills. But we can take your vehicle to a professional workshop of your choice if you prefer. If you sell your car, you can also transfer the remaining coverage time. This gives you continuous comfort against future expensive repair bills. Please see the brochure on the vehicle repair agreement for full coverage, commitments, exclusions and CT. If they cannot be defined, they include the average cost of replacements and repairs: you can cover several vehicles in a single policy, depending on your membership: we cover vehicles of all ages or mileage, but this does not include caravans and other trailers or caravans.

If a shop repair is required, please contact our damage assistance service on 0344 579 0042 before starting work. We will confirm that it is covered as soon as the problem has been diagnosed. If it is the only one, the garage is allowed to do the work. We also help you make sure your vehicle repair process is as simple, fast and trouble-free as possible. We manage all aspects of the repair with the garage to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We cover repairs to electrical or mechanical parts that suddenly broke down and caused a breakdown. As part of a single directive, tell us which vehicles you want to cover An extended vehicle warranty is an option to be considered when the manufacturer`s initial warranty expires. An extended car warranty can be purchased from the manufacturer itself, a distributor or an independent supplier and generally offers the same level of coverage as the original warranty.

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