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So, to put it simply, if Mr. Bragg did not accept these conditions, he could not play Second Life or a similar game or a similar service, which caused an unscrupulous take-it or leave-it situation. Linden also had a superior bargaining power vis-à-vis Mr. Bragg and the contract was therefore a contract for liability. Clickthrough`s terms of agreement must be prominently displayed. Users have a responsibility to find out about the terms and conditions before clicking “I agree.” In situations where users have accepted but have not read the ToS, they must have constructive knowledge. This is the advantage if the ToS is provided in such a way that a reasonable person can access and read it. You can see that this clickwrap method is stronger because it contains a check mark, but it also contains the general terms and conditions of sale directly there for the user to read them. The case Zappos.com, which was decided in the Nevada court, differentiates between Browsewrap and Clickwrap. The content and shape of clickwrap chords are very different.

Most clickwrap agreements require the end user to show consent by clicking the “OK” or “Accept” button in a dialog box or pop-up window. A user indicates the refusal by clicking Cancel or closing the window. After the refusal, the user cannot use or purchase the product or service. In fact, such a take-it or leave-it contract is called a “liability contract, which is a contract that does not have the power to negotiate and forces one party to be favored over the other.” Clickwrap agreements provide greater comfort for businesses in many ways: hidden consents can go back to haunted hosts who cannot apply all or part of the ToS due to the formation of conditions. The clearer and more distinct the conditions and consents, the more likely it is that an agreement will be applicable. Although the courts have held certain Clickwrap licences as enforceable contracts, the result is not that all Clickwrap licences are enforceable. Clickwrap licenses must continue to meet the applicability criteria of a unilateral form contract.

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