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It is recognized that customer demand is rarely perfectly stable and that this company is often required to maintain a “buffer stock” or a “security stock”. To minimize this pressure and costs, many of our customers use our service level agreements – SLAs – before contract; Price stability over the duration of a contract in the form of a appel-appeal contract; A timetable for delivery promises Agreed storage regular inventory monitoring reports and renewal of point alert orders. Customer demand and storage requirements are known to be unpredictable and counter this, express Assemblies Ltd offers a purchase or purchase contract that allows our customers to purchase goods from our customers within an agreed time frame. Before proceeding with the necessary steps to reduce your storage costs with contractual agreements, it is important to understand what is included in these costs. A company`s accounting costs define the cost of managing the stock over a longer period of time. First, there are the costs of the company to finance its inventory. Second, the costs of aging and inventory damage, as well as the high cost of ruined inventory. Third, there are storage costs related to lower sales due to low inventory or inventory inaccuracy. Fourth, inventory management entails other costs and, finally, transportation costs for inbound shipments of raw materials and parts, as well as freight coming out of finished goods. A good rule of thumb is the follow-up of quarterly framework agreements for which your company agrees with 4.5% storage costs for the duration of the quarter. Well, that may sound like a juicy amount, but more than a quarter of your transportation costs would be 9% if you kept that inventory yourself – three months at 3% a month.

In this case, you reduced your transportation costs by 4.5% during the quarter by asking your lenders to participate in the charge. The following two tables are a simple example of how your business can reduce inventory management load. The first table shows the costs of a business if it keeps the inventory in its own home. Second, these costs would be borne if the company divided its burden with its seller. 7) An agreed departure date, from which the agreed minimum stock will be placed in my last contribution entitled “Production debit: storage costs – time lost due to a shortage of materials”, I discussed how a company can reduce its storage costs through contractual agreements. Today, I thought I would talk about how these agreements would allow companies to reduce storage costs over a longer period of time. The emphasis should be on understanding your company`s monthly storage costs and sharing those costs with your creditor through a framework contract or a large volume contract. So can a company actually reduce its ownership costs with the right agreement? 4) Reduce transit times – peak requirements (depending on storage) can be met from the warehouse, then has and looks forward to supporting our customers, who have high volume and peak requirements throughout the year, with a storage contract.

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