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You and your employer can agree on all the terms of the employment contract you want, but you cannot accept a contractual clause that puts you in a less favourable position than what you have under your legal rights. For certain sections of the employment contract – z.B the pension portion and the part that covers notice periods – you must choose the paragraph describing your company`s approach and remove the other sections. In the case of recruitment, it is useful for the employer to have a trial period (usually 3 months) during which the employee can be evaluated. It is unusual (but not impossible) to use a trial period when an existing worker enters into a new employment contract. You can decide how long the trial period will last. If the job offer was subject to conditions – such as satisfactory references or the existence of a test – and you did not meet the requirements, there is nothing you can do. That is because there is no employment contract – there is only a conditional offer. If your job offer was unconditional or you met the conditions and accepted it, but it was withdrawn, it is a breach of contract. This is because there is an employment contract as soon as an unconditional job offer has been made and accepted. You can seek damages in an employment tribunal or a regional court for breach of contract. This employment contract is governed by The law of England and Wales or by Scottish law.

If there is both a letter of offer and a separate employment contract, it is important to say which document is a priority if there is a difference. This employment contract allows, if necessary, a trial period and an extension of the trial period. As an employer, you should protect your confidential information and any intellectual property created by workers during their work through properly worded provisions limiting the use of confidential information after employment and ensure that ownership of intellectual property rights is yours as an employer. Continuous employment is the length of time a worker has worked for his or her employer without interruption. Learn more about continuous employment on GOV.UK. This employment contract stipulates that the contract takes precedence over the letter of offer. If, in the future, you are likely to move premises or work from more than one site, you should add express conditions that will specify it in the employment contract, in order to have the right to transfer the employee to a new job. In the absence of this right, it is up to the worker to accept the move and the refusal may cause legal and practical problems. It contains information on conditions of employment (including workers` professional obligations and redundancy procedures), remuneration, leave pay and sick pay, as well as information on confidentiality, competition or non-invitation clauses. Even if you do not receive a written contract, you are entitled to a written statement outsing your main terms of employment. This should give you details about your: It is important to note that most employees are legally entitled to a written declaration of the main conditions of their employment within two months of starting their work.

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