I have been to Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands many, many times, since a friend of mine bought the old Grace Episcopal Church there many years ago. I did a lot of remodelling on the church and worked on his vintage Bluebird motorhome up there too. But I had never been to any of the other islands before.

So when I saw that Justine Curgenven of CackleTV was holding a video release party on Orcas Island for her “This is the Sea 4” movie, I decided to make the trip, and visit friends at Body Boat Blade as well.

It takes about an hour on the ferry to get from Anacortes to Ocras Island, stopping along the way at Lopez and Shaw Islands.

ferry bow

ferry ramp at Lopez Island

ferry bollard

I got to Ocras Island right at dusk and had a good stroke of luck in stumbling across the kayak shop by accident while I was looking for the film venue. Justine and her boyfriend Barry were there, playing with wigs.

Justine, Barry and the wigs

Sucia Island geology

After the video event, we all went back to Shawna and Leon’s place for the night, and the next day decided to take a short paddling trip out to Matia and Sucia Islands, part of a Washington State Marine Park. I have long looked at these islands on the nautical charts, and it was a treat to actually paddle around them. The geology of these islands leaves beautifully sculpted edges all around. I took a lot of pictures, but most did not turn out so well; the lens was constantly wet and salty.

beach on Matia Island


We had lunch on a beach on Matia and then headed back to Orcas by way of Sucia, making a trip of about 10 nautical miles. It was a beautiful day, but it was also Election Day, and we were all wondering a little bit how things were going with that.

the gang


Sucia Island reflections

I went to Djuna’s yoga class in town after the paddling trip, and then we all headed over to an Election Day party nearby, in a very high end home, with a fantastic kitchen, and a big screen TV to watch the Election returns on. At 8:15 or so, McCain conceded, and it was finally over.

The last time I was away from home on Election Day was 1984, and this year, it was a much happier experience where I was at. Normally, I don’t get too excited one way or another about elections. I don’t have TV, so I had not seen Obama speak before, except for catching his appearance on Letterman in passing. But I have to say that I was really impressed by his acceptance speech. Let’s hope that things start turning in a new direction now.

happy day

Back in Anacortes the next day, we ran across this gentleman standing on a street corner with this sign, and we circled the block to come back around and get his picture.