What happens when all that snow melts and then it rains hard for a few days?

Flooding, that’s what. This is the state highway between my house and town, about an hour after high tide. Yes, I did drive through it, and yes, it was a little bit sketchy.

Maybe a plague of locusts will be next….

flood waters

flood waters


  1. Yikes! We were down last weekend but not so sure if we’ll make it thru Centralia this weekend. If you happen to make it to East Valley by my place, I’m anxious about the water level. (duh) There was a new ‘stream’ running in the yard and the culvert makes me nervous. So if you make it that way, drop me a note.

  2. ps – locusts = traction (+protein)

  3. This storm brings out the worst in Mother Nature and the best in neighbors and friends! Thank you Mark for driving all the way out to Crippen Creek during the storm. You are always a welcome face here but it was especially nice on Wednesday. We are so grateful for the wonderful folks in Wahkiakum County and are so happy to have landed here!

    Kitty and Don

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