dump truck

After living here for eight years, I am finally getting the hard rock road to my barn that I have been needing for all of that time. My barn is up on a small hill above the house and the driveway. During all but the driest months of summer, it has been impossible to drive a vehicle up there due to the soft ground and/or wet grass. All the time that we had sheep and had to deal with stocking up on hay, we had to get it in the barn during the driest parts of summer, or end up carrying one or two bales at a time up there by hand through the winter. I decked some logs up there one summer, and then by the time I was ready to mill them, it was the wet season again and I couldn’t drive the mill up there until the following summer. Now that I have no livestock, I could use the barn for other things except that I can’t get to it most of the year.

But all of that will be in the past by tomorrow afternoon. The guys from Longtain Construction in Cathlamet arrived at 8:30 this morning with two dump trucks, a bobcat and an excavator and by 5 PM they were almost finished with my new road. And all of the dirt that had to be excavated got used to create a new level spot for parking the boat trailers next to the shop.

Special thanks are due to a old friend who financed this extravagance. Thanks!